A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

An unnamed character discovers that they have the ability to “shift” from reality to a mirrored dimension. Here, this realm isolates and keeps them safe from the harms of the physical world. However, this alternative world houses repressed memories and fears that manifest into aggressive creatures. The main character now must find ways to overcome these obstacles by “shifting” between dimensions. In a journey of healing and self discovery, they begin to come to terms with their past and find reason to hope again.

The Team:

Jaemin Go - Programmer, Music -Portfolio, LinkedIn

Scott Huang - Programmer - LinkedIn

Mikki Pasasadaba - Artist, Cutscenes, Writer - PortfolioLinkedIn

Christopher Philip - Level Designer - LinkedIn

Luben Popov - Programmer -LinkedIn

Nick Smith - SFX, Writer - LinkedIn

Jasmine Kay Uy - Artist, Animator - PortfolioLinkedIn

To learn more about the game, go to https://tothecoreagain.wordpress.com

Install instructions

Unzip files with .zip and run the file with .exe at the end of it. Make sure all files are in the same directory. Game supports Xbox controllers. Have fun!


To the Core Again - PC 215 MB
To the Core Again - Mac 263 MB
To the Core Again - Android 248 MB